UN WFP's Program Office in Kyrgyzstan supported the Central Asia Forum for Sustainable Development in Bishkek

08/10/2021 15:00

On October 7, 2021, the Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, scientific consultant of the National Technological Chamber of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor, co-chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Central Asian Forum for Sustainable Development Mikhail Fedorov and members of the Organizing Committee met with the Head of the program department of the UN World Food Program in the Kyrgyz Republic Kyyalbek Temishev.

The meeting discussed the past UN Food Systems Summit and the tasks of implementing its decisions within the Central Asian Forum for Sustainable Development. The Forum will be held at the site of the Kyrgyz Technical University on November 10-11, 2021 with the participation of the Scriabin Kyrgyz National Agrarian University, Karasayev Bishkek State University, Kyrgyz Standard, Plekhanov Russian Economic University, State University of Management of the Russian Federation, a number of stakeholders from Central Asian countries and other organizations.

Kyyalbek Temishev highlighted the most pressing issues related to the nutrition of children in kindergartens, schoolchildren and students, noted the major WFP contribution to the solution of these and other problems, approved the formation of an educational center on the basis of the Department of Food Technology for the preparation of cooks for school and other canteens.

Representatives of the UN WFP in the Kyrgyz Republic will become partners of the Central Asian Forum for Sustainable Development, and will also take part in the independent international accreditation of educational institutions in Kyrgyzstan.