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The Assembly's Project Office is an innovative project platform that unites all the Assembly's initiatives to promote and implement projects. Each implemented project brings us closer to the main mission of the Assembly - the creation of a wide communication platform to strengthen the harmony and unity of the peoples of Eurasia!

Our professional team works with business donors, private donations, government funds and grant competitions. Relying on a wide pool of our partners, we implement projects in various areas, including socially significant and educational ones. In 2020, our team won a Grant from the Presidential Grants Foundation to implement a project for “special” children living in the Volga Federal District. The project is aimed at teaching children with disabilities the basics of journalism in the current difficult conditions of a pandemic.

The attached Project Office presentation introduces all stages of the fundraising cycle, the packaging and implementation of the project, as well as the optimization of internal resources.

Project Office Presentation (PDF)

Our office is open for partnerships and is ready to share our capabilities with you!


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