Mission, aim, objectives

Main aim of the Assembly

Formation of social integral model of big Eurasian partnership of peoples on the basis of spiritual and moral principles for the sake of peace and consent through the development of multilateral cooperation and social (public) diplomacy.

Main objectives of the Assembly

  • development of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly as an important tool for social diplomacy and for enhancing its role in conditions of formation of multipolar world;
  • creation of a broad communication platform for interaction of civil society institutions and authorities, groups of people regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion for strengthening the consensus and unity of Eurasian peoples;
  • unity of Eurasian peoples and bringing up rising generation on the basis of main spiritual and moral principles that are common for humanity;
  • support of social and state initiatives aimed at preserving peace and consent, strengthening of friendship and international good neighborliness;
  • consolidation of efforts for preserving Eurasian continent in the diversity of its natural, spiritual, cultural, historical heritage and creation of safe and conformable living conditions;
  • implementation of new forms of interaction and creation of an effective partnership of the Assembly with civil society institutions and authorities of Eurasian countries;
  • elaboration and realization of programs, projects and events connected with statutory activities of the Assembly and aimed at strengthening the collaboration of Eurasian peoples;
  • creation of possibilities and favourable conditions for using the resource capabilities of each person who seeks to make his constructive contribution to the development of Eurasia.