Republic of Bashkortostan: Members of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly discussed Economic and Cultural Cooperation under Sanctions

22/04/2022 19:24

The Assembly considered measures to support local entrepreneurs and cooperation with foreign partners.

As the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Nazarov told in his telegram channel, a business breakfast was held today with Italian partners who popularize their cuisine in Ufa, and they are doing well.

- We also support our local entrepreneurs who promote the national cuisine; this was noted by the head of the republic in his recent post. Recently, a businessman from Ufa, the author of the AIBAT HALLYARD project, talked live with the president of the country, inviting Vladimir Putin to try Ufa fast food. We will continue to systematically create comfortable conditions for business," - Andrei Nazarov wrote.

He noted that the discussion of the Assembly participants was productive. An agreement has been reached to hold a sports forum in Ufa in 2023 - competitions in national and folk sports "Towards Eurasiada".

Larisa Shepeleva