Representative Office of the Assembly in the Leningrad Region opens “People's Universities”

13/04/2021 14:23


The People's Ecological University was opened in the Leningrad Region. There you can get answers to the most global questions. The initiator of its establishment was the leadership of the Representation of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly. Further details.

The People's Ecological University was opened on April 2 on the basis of the youth club "Noosphere" of the Scheglovsky rural settlement of the Vsevolozhsky region. The new institution, created on the initiative of the Representation of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in the Leningrad Region, will be engaged in educational activities.

“Much attention will be paid, for example, to the organization of charitable and volunteer projects. Cultural exchange will also become an important aspect,” - said Yuriy Palamarchuk, Head of the Assembly's Representative Office, adding that “informal communication between people belonging to different generations, nationalities, religions and professional groups will significantly expand the horizons of the youth's outlook”.

Lira Burak, Chairman of the Committee on Local Self-Government, Interethnic and Interfaith Relations of the Leningrad Region (LSG of Leningrad Region), noted at the opening that although most of the information that will be shared at the People's University is freely available, “dry” data alone is not enough.

“Nothing can replace live communication. When there is a dialogue, when there are answers to any questions, it always helps to orientate, helps to outline the paths of further development, both of an individual and of the whole society,” - Lira Burak quoted the edition “О”.