III Championship on restaurant sport "Saint-Petersburg Open" of the series WFRS A.S. Massarsky World Cup | March 16 - 17, 2022

06/10/2022 17:55

March 16 - 17, St. Petersburg, will host the Saint Petersburg Open International restaurant sports tournament of the WFRS World Cup series, dedicated to the first president of the World Restaurant Sports Federation Alexander Massarsky. The tournament is supported by the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.

The organizer of the tournament is the World Restaurant Sports Federation (WFRS).

The uniqueness of the tournament is that it is essentially an international platform that brings together the achievements of various countries in gastronomy and restaurant sports. As the participants of the tournament testify, the competition gives them an extremely useful opportunity to demonstrate the visual advantages of national cuisine and the author's approach to serving and sommelier skills. And, last but not least, to show innovation and creativity, which are the main driving forces behind the development of restaurant sports today.

Each national team, regardless of the country, consists of three people: a chef, a waiter and a sommelier-bartender. They will have to create dishes from the specified ingredients in a certain time in order to impress the judges with taste, the art of serving and the skill of selecting drinks.

The tournament will be held in two stages, which include competitive tasks for cooking dishes on time from the proposed main ingredients. Competitors are allowed to use their own additional ingredients. Four teams will advance to the final, which will be selected by the panel of judges of the World Restaurant Sports Federation (WFRS).

Winners and prize-winners will be awarded on March 17. Champions will be awarded with WFRS jewelry signs, winners and prize-winners - with medals of three categories and WFRS certificates.

To date, the organizing committee of the tournament has received preliminary applications for participation in the tournament from 15 teams from different countries: India, Armenia, Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, China, Belarus.

A rich concert program and master classes is prepared for the guests of the "Saint-Petersburg Open" of the WFRS World Cup series. A.S. Massarsky.


The World Federation of the Restaurant Sport (WFRS) is an international organization that oversees restaurant sports around the world. WFRS was founded on June 10, 2017. The headquarters are located in Burgas (Bulgaria). The official languages ​​are English and Russian. Currently, the WFRS unites the national federations of 46 countries of the world, and new applications for membership are constantly received.

Since 2018, WFRS has been holding international restaurant sports tournaments and championships, the participants of which compete with each other in speed, aesthetics and quality of cooking, as well as the entertainment of the process of serving dishes. Catering sports competitions that cross culinary and show, eating and competition, professional excellence and culture are not only spectacular sports and cultural events; they have great social significance: they help to find mutual understanding between representatives of the restaurant industry from different countries, unite professional restaurant teams, combine entertainment and educational goals, promote the bright ideals of healthy food, quality service, tolerance and friendship of peoples.

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