"Eurasian School of Poetry named after Valery Bryusov" opened in Moscow

18/10/2023 11:10

The headquarters of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in Moscow hosted an introductory lecture by the poet, translator, literary critic, literary historian, member of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly Mikhail Sinelnikov as part of the project “Eurasian School of Poetry named after Valery Bryusov”.

During the first meeting, the author of the School gave a general outline of Russian poetry, presented a view of its place in the Eurasian space, and showed a turn to the East. The meeting discussed themes such as “The gradual separation of poetry and prose in ancient Russian literature”, “Change of versification systems”, "The Age of Ode"; "The Birth of Lyrics"; "Literary language movement"; "Resources of Russian Verse". Also, Mikhail Sinelnikov recommended literature and works on poetry.

According to the authors of the project, the fact that the role of translation of works of art, the exchange of knowledge, thoughts, feelings and cultures between peoples has noticeably decreased nowadays, explains the relevance and timeliness of the course of lectures at the “Eurasian School of Poetry named after Valery Bryusov”. The influence of poetry on modern culture has weakened extremely. In the current situation, the creation of the Eurasian School of Poetry is one of the real forms of reviving the best literary and general cultural traditions of the peoples of Eurasia.

During the introductory lecture, the author of the School spoke about the merits of Valery Bryusov as one of the largest experts in poetry of the twentieth century, the creator of the Russian school of poetic translation.

“The main task today,” emphasized Mikhail Sinelnikov, “is to restore the lost connection of modern writers of Eurasia with the literary tradition of the Russian translation school.”

In conclusion, the following topics of the sessions were announced:

- Types of poems. Solid forms. Metaphors. Inversions.

- Biblical and Gospel motifs in Russian poetry.

- Islamic motifs in Russian poetry.

- India and Hindu motifs in Russian poetry.

- Buddhist motifs in Russian poetry.

- Iran in Russian poetry. Translations from Persian poetry.

- Georgia in Russian poetry.

- Russian translations from Azerbaijani poetry.

The first lectures by Mikhail Sinelnikov within the project “Eurasian School of Poetry named after Valery Bryusov” were held in Kyrgyzstan in September http://eurasia-assembly.org/ru/news/pervye-lekcii-evraziyskoy-shkoly-poe...

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