Eternal Memory: Dedication to fallen Red Army Soldiers in the village of Karatag of the Republic of Tajikistan

23/05/2023 12:24

On May 21, 2023 in the village of Karatag of Tursunzade district of the Republic of Tajikistan, a solemn meeting was held at the memorial for the Red Army soldiers and the commander of the special forces detachment, Vasily Zabronov, killed in 1923 during the defense of Karatag.

The meeting was attended by the soldiers of the 201st Military Base, the administration of Tursunzade, representatives of public organization of Russian compatriots "Russian Community", staff and volunteers of the Russian Cultural and Educational Centre "Sozidaniye", representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo in Tajikistan, war and labour veterans, soldiers-internationalists of Tursunzade, students of school № 12 as well as villagers of Karatag. The Russian Ambassador to Tajikistan Semen Grigoriev was guest of honor.

Poet Abdukahor Kosimov, Co-Chairman of the Literary Council of Writers and Readers of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, welcomed participants and guests of the Solemn Meeting and read his own poem in memory of the Red Army soldiers.

Dedicated to fallen Red Army soldiers in the settlement of Karatag of the Republic of Tajikistan:

In Karatag tulips are in bloom,
The color of blood every petal is.
Here Red soldiers fall asleep,
They are caressed by the gentle breeze.

A lot of water has flowed away,
And the Basmachi have disappeared altogether,
We remember you, you fighters of the people,
You are the heroes of the army of love.

You gave your young lives,
You've done heroic deeds more than once
And you stayed forever in Karatag
By the road, defending us.

We remember and cherish your memory forever,
Our grateful people remember you,
That's why a tender Karatag breeze
The Monument devoted to you caresses

Abdukahhor Kosim