Andrey Belyaninov: Happy New Year 2023!

30/12/2022 18:05

Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly Andrey Belyaninov congratulates everyone on the New Year 2023.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, Dear friends! Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly and on my own behalf, I would like to warmly congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year 2023!

May this year bring us only joy, only smiles, only happiness. By the way, a Department of Happiness has been created in our Assembly, and we generously share happiness, everything we have, with everyone who works with us.

I wish we all had only a peaceful sky, so that all our desires would be fulfilled. <...> We always smelled tangerines at home before the New Year. When it smelled of tangerines, we all knew that the New Year would come, Santa Claus would come, he would bring gifts to all of us, our little children, and everyone was waiting for this holiday as the brightest holiday of the year. I want all of you who see and hear me now to have such a mood today, because we have a lot to do in this coming 2023. We need to give happiness to everyone on Earth, we need to make sure that there is peace and there is the brightest sky, we need to make sure that cultural values, spiritual values do not disappear on our Earth, but only multiply. 

And we need to make sure that we greet each other joyfully, despite any political strife, despite any will of governments, which sometimes act against the will of the peoples, and the peoples want only one thing – they want good, happiness and that everyone is joyful on this day, and not only on this day, but also throughout 2023.

Happy New Year to you, dear friends! Thank you for everything!