Alexander Rabinovich: The Restaurant Sports Championship has become a Beacon of Dignity, Joy and Unity for Professionals from 16 Countries of the World

07/03/2024 14:40

On March 1-3, 2024, the traditional Restaurant Sports Championship took place in St. Petersburg. Its founders are the World Federation of Restaurant Sports (WFRS) and the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

As part of the competition sports culinary teams showed the highest level of preparation; the WFRS Championship in Confectionery Arts participants competed in 8 categories.

The winners of the 5th Saint Petersburg Open WFRS Championship were the ambitious team of Chef Stanislav Akhmetshin. The team represented St. Petersburg cuisine of the 19th century. The result of the fantastic work of the confectioners was the 80-kilogram “St. Isaac's Cathedral” cake, which was presented by all participants during the Gala concert.

As the championship panel of judges noted, all candidates demonstrated the highest skill. Excellent taste, presentation of dishes, adherence to cooking technology. Demonstration of a decent level of professionalism, talent and desire to meet the requirements of the restaurant business on a global scale - these positions became key in assessing the participants in the competition.

“The next tournaments and championships will again be an occasion to gather the best of the best, try out new formats, look at non-trivial recipes and try out advanced cooking techniques,” - said the founder of WFRS - Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly Alexander Rabinovich.

On the awarding day, everyone was in tense anticipation. Nominees from China, Russia, Armenia, Moldova and jury members came together to enjoy the gastronomic culture. The guests of the Championship could taste Asian, European and traditional Moldovan dishes.

All participants of the Championship, including many foreign ones, received medals, certificates, and the winners received WFRS Cups.

“We are proud to announce that all of our goals were achieved and this championship was a resounding success. It was held honorably, bringing great joy and unforgettable emotions to all participants. This championship has been a beacon of dignity, joy and unity, leaving everyone elated and overwhelmed with incredible emotion,” - members of the Championship Organizing Committee chaired by Alexander Perelman expressed their opinion: Alexander Rabinovich, Galina Khokhlova, Tatyana Skoda, Natalia Mazhuga, Elizaveta Romanova.

For reference:

Restaurant sport is a type of competition and special preparation for it, based on the traditions of the culinary culture of different peoples and countries. In this game, participants compete in the speed, aesthetics and quality of cooking, as well as in the entertainment of their presentation, having equal conditions for competing.

Restaurant sports combine cookery and show, eating and competition, professionalism and culture. Its rules were developed by the World Federation of Restaurant Sports (WFRS) in 2017. The organizers of the competition strive to popularize restaurant service, improve leisure culture and strengthen interethnic ties.

Championships and tournaments in restaurant sports are not only exciting sporting and cultural events. They also have great social significance: they promote interaction between representatives of the restaurant industry of different countries, unite professional restaurant teams, combine entertainment and education, promote the values of healthy eating, quality service, tolerance and friendship among peoples.

Today, restaurant sports is a world-class discipline, maintaining connections with Russia, and the winner’s cup of a championship or tournament in restaurant sports becomes the restaurant “Oscar”, teams from different parts of the world compete for.