Project name: World People's Regatta "HAPPY SAILS"

Project leader: Aleksandra Vladimirovna Zolotova, director of the Volunteer Center for Inclusive Water Sports "ALL INCLUSIVE" of the "Association for the Support of Sailing Disabled", a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia

The main goal of the project

The development of humanism in the countries of Eurasia and an increase in the index of happiness in the countries participating in the regatta, through participation in national sailing competitions.

Project Goals

  • The use of sailing in strengthening peace and peaceful coexistence of the peoples of Eurasia and the whole world.
  • Friendship and cooperation of amateur yachtsmen of the Eurasian countries.
  • Striving to spread authentic Olympic ideas about international sports competitions as a time when hostilities stop
  • Promotion of sailing for the physical, moral and aesthetic education of young people. Education among young people, through sailing, the spirit of true team relationships and the ability to clearly fulfill the tasks set for the sake of a common victory
  • Creation of another informal platform for public diplomacy on the Eurasian continent.
  • Development of internal and external tourism, through holding route races in beautiful and safe places of Eurasia.
  • Attracting business investments to countries and regions through an information company and the development of a tourism cluster (infrastructure development).
  • Erasing barriers and misunderstandings between representatives of different countries, peoples or confessions.
  • Promotion of outdoor activities and healthy lifestyle.
  • Attracting like-minded people united by a common passion for sailing, including family and mixed crews (with and without disabilities).

Project objectives

  • Conducting on an ongoing basis the World People's Sailing Regatta "Happy Sails" online and offline races in various countries and regions.
  • Creation and establishment of communications between the countries and peoples of Eurasia
  • Carrying out promotional events.
  • Integration into existing activities.
  • Establishing interaction with the current sailing federations.
  • Creation of a federation of inclusive (joint-social) water sports.

Project Description

Most of the countries of Eurasia have access to the sea or large lakes on their territory. Russia is a maritime power, the popularity and accessibility of sailing in our country can become one of the indicators of the happiness index, and the release of the people's initiative to develop the world's people's sailing, a precedent for successful people's diplomacy of citizens of the Russian Federation.

Sports, especially outdoors, in full interaction with nature, gives a feeling of happiness to all participants in the international sailing regatta. Even in virtual races, the atmosphere of unity with nature and like-minded people is preserved. We want more and more amateur yachtsmen.

Project duration: May 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021 (with subsequent extension)

Project partners: Interregional public organization "Association for Assistance to Disabled Sailing", Charitable Foundation "Give Good to the World"

Contacts: 127006, Moscow, Uspensky pereulok, 4A; +7 (495) 774-12-44, +7 (985) 212-00-25; info@eurasia-assembly.org, volkova@eurasia-assembly.org

Project news:

The Project of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly was presented at the International Round Table on the Development of Inclusive Sailing

International round table "Development of inclusive sailing in Russia" | 09/02/2022