Research project Belts and Roads of Eurasia

Project Manager: Mikhalev Maxim Sergeevich, Doctor of Historical Sciences, social anthropologist, writer and traveler

The project is implemented with the information support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

Date and venue: unlimited; inland regions of Eurasia

The aim of the project is to study the history and social anthropology of the inland regions of Eurasia, a comprehensive ethnological study of the cultures and cultural interactions of the Eurasian peoples.

Project objectives

  • Obtaining primary, field information about the traditional culture of small peoples from various regions of the continent.
  • Search for ways and positive examples of coexistence and mutual adaptation of representatives of different cultures.
  • Promotion of the idea and value of Eurasian integration, protection of peace, strengthening of friendship, harmony, partnership and good-neighborliness between peoples.

Content of the project

As part and the continuation of the Moscow-Beijing cycling expedition in 2019, the "Belts and Roads of Eurasia" project involves field research: expedition trips to settlements of small indigenous peoples of the Far East, Inner Asia, Tibet, Mongolia, China, Australia and other regions.

Following the results, it is assumed:

  • educational work to popularize the intangible heritage of the Eurasian peoples in the form of lectures, reports and presentations, including for young people;
  • publication of a series of travel sketches "The Belts and Roads of Eurasia";
  • writing and reading special courses on the history and social anthropology of Eurasian countries for students of humanitarian universities;
  • publication of a series of books "Eurasia: People of Knowledge".


Project news:

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