Project “Marble Mile”

Project name: Art project “Marble Mile named after Stepan Erzya”

Dates: annually, July

Location: Russia, Polevsky urban district of the Sverdlovsk region

Project organizer: NGO Social Activity Foundation “Idea”

Partners: LLC "Ural Marble", Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

Project goals:

  • increasing the attractiveness of the urban living environment;
  • creation of growth points of entrepreneurial activity to consolidate the actively working population and youth;
  • the revival of the cultural memory of the population and the patriotic attitude towards the small homeland.

Project objectives:

  • the introduction of art objects into the urban environment in the context of the general urban planning policy;
  • creation of art objects for public spaces: organization of sculptors’ work from around the world;
  • organizing the expert groups’ work with the involvement of the public to develop the concept of public spaces and holding the annual festival "Marble Mile";
  • development and promotion of the "Marble Mile" tourist route, creation of new objects of the route’s visualization, the creation of an art territory of public space;
  • improving hospitality infrastructure;
  • organization of master classes as part of the Art Objects Academy in the Urban Environment "Metamorphoses";
  • creation of the Museum of Lizards as a symbol of the Polevskoy urban district.

Content of the project

Typical single-industry towns like Polevskoy, especially in the Ural region, for many years depended on their industrial fate: here everything was built around industrial enterprises and the development of industrial zoning around them. Little attention was paid to creating a public space comfortable for humans - such a habitat where a person would feel happy, prosperous and ready to absorb new knowledge and master new competencies. The situation on the territory of single-industry towns develops in such a way that new technologies oust a person from the market of traditional professions; a process of marginalization of the population is underway, since, together with the loss of work, people lose interest in life and the territory of their residence.

The Marble Mile art project, a unique project in the Eurasian space, was launched in the summer of 2018 in the town of Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region. The project was initiated by the Stepan Erzya Festival of Landscape Architecture "Marble Mile", which included the following events:

  • presentation of the "Marble Mile" tourist route for representatives of 40 tourist organizations of the Ural region;
  • sculptures made of wood, marble, pipes and concrete by masters from Russia, Israel and Sweden for public spaces of the Polevskoy urban district;
  • opening of an exhibition of the future Museum of Lizards;
  • lectures marathon dedicated to the work of the Russian sculptor Stepan Erzya;
  • holiday "Marble Mile" in the village of Mramorskoye, which brought together creative people who presented a performance based on the work of P.P. Bazhova, folklore concert of the laureate of international competitions, children's collective "Chimes", jazz concert EverJazz, jam fair "Berry square dance", street cinema festival.

Combining industrial history with the needs of today, the implementation of the “Marble Mile” Art Project will contribute to creating a comfortable urban environment for a monotown.


Project news:

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