Young Scientists from Russia and Mongolia meet at the Eurasia Centre

13/11/2023 12:50

Member of the Council on Spiritual Culture of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, scientific director of the Dorzhiev Society of Ethno-Geopolitics*, head of the Research Project “Belt and Road of Eurasia” Maxim Mikhalev, together with his young colleagues from the Russian State Humanitarian University, visited the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. The main purpose of the trip was scientific research into international socio-political processes in this Central Asian country.

The program for visiting the capital of Mongolia included meetings with representatives of the trade mission and the Russian Embassy, but an important part was the visit of the delegation of the Dorzhiev Society to the International University Genghis Khan “Ikh Zasag”. One of its leaders is a longtime friend of the Assembly, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, specialist in history and socio-political history of Mongolia and Buryatia Zhambalyn Tsetsegma.

Members of the Dorzhiev Society of Ethno-Geopolitics were especially pleased to learn that in the candidate’s dissertation that Ms. Tsetsegma defended in Buryatia, more attention was paid to the figure of Agvan Dorzhiev, after whom the student association was named.

As a result of the meeting, an agreement was reached on the participation of students of the Dorzhiev Society in scientific events held by the Genghis Khan University in 2024. And this visit to the center of Eurasia was not the last, and the name of the great diplomat and public figure of the past, Agvan Lobsan Dorzhiev, continues to work in the interests of cooperation between the peoples of the world.

*The scientific and student association “Dorzhiev Society of Ethnogeopolitics” of the Russian State University for the Humanities strives to create conditions for the realization of creative potential, preservation and enhancement of the traditions of the scientific school of the Russian State University for the Humanities in of anthropology and geopolitics in relation to ethnopolitical processes and the role of small nations in the relationships of major political players. The society studies the role of indigenous peoples in world processes, the problems of past colonial policies and neo-colonialism, develops scenarios and recommendations for using the potential of indigenous peoples in world politics.

The association is named after Agvan Dorzhiev, a religious and public figure in Russia, a supporter of rapprochement between Tibet and the Russian Empire.