Sputnik: Russian-Lithuanian Friendship Society is being established

25/07/2022 13:00

© Sputnik / Marius Baranauskas

Representatives of the Russian public and the Lithuanian political emigration came out in favor of promoting the "paths of people's diplomacy."

MINSK, July 25 - Sputnik. The first meeting of the initiative group for the establishment of the Russian-Lithuanian Friendship Society took place, informed the organizers of the event.

They noted that now the world is in a difficult period, and, in particular, in relations between Russia and Lithuania, where the "red line" has been crossed. In this situation, it is necessary to look for a way out.

The initiator of the meeting was Giedrius Grabauskas, a political emigrant from Lithuania. His idea was supported by representatives of various public organizations.

Representatives of the Russian public and Lithuanian political emigration discussed a number of initiatives to hold various events, and also signed a declaration on the establishment of the Russian-Lithuanian Friendship Society.

The document notes that at present it is important to promote the ideas of historical memory, to try to preserve monuments to Soviet soldiers and other anti-fascists who fought against fascism in 1941-1945. It is also necessary to pursue the line of people's diplomacy, to establish ties between the anti-fascists of Russia and Lithuania.

Within the outlined trends, it is necessary to carry out progressive measures that will bring the Russian and Lithuanian people closer together.

The first meeting on the establishment of the Russian-Lithuanian Friendship Society
© Photo courtesy of Giedrius Grabauskas

The meeting was attended by journalist, chairman of the Socialist Popular Front of Lithuania Giedrius Grabauskas, chairman of the National Peace Fund Andrey Getmanov, artistic director of the musical ensemble "Grenada" Tatyana Vladimirskaya, adviser to the historical memory department of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Maxim Sidorov, chairman of the "Heirs of Victory" association Valery Kalyakin, Tatyana Desyatova, coordinator of the International Brigade of the Moscow Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, director of the ensemble "Grenada" Ekaterina Zubreva, historian, veteran of the ensemble "Grenada" Viktor Gorokhov, political emigrant from Lithuania, historian Professor Juozas Yermalavichyus.

Not only with Russia

In Lithuania, there are already civic groups set up to promote the "path of people's diplomacy" with Russia and Belarus. Representatives of these groups have already visited Belarus several times since the beginning of 2022.

According to the organizers, representatives of the Lithuanian opposition will also appear in Russia in the near future.