Sputnik: EAEU needs to create a Single Platform for Online Communication - Belyaninov

25/12/2020 19:50

© Sputnik / Tabyldy Kadyrbekov

Also, Belyaninov shared the forecast for the crypto currency, that continues to actively develop, although it was predicted a soon end.

BISHKEK, December 25 - Sputnik. As soon as possible, it is necessary to create a single technological platform for online communication, stated Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, Doctor of Economic and Political Sciences Andrei Belyaninov. He gave a speech at the video bridge Moscow - Bishkek - Minsk - Nur-Sultan “Eurasia Facing the Challenges of 2021”. The event was broadcast on Sputnik Kyrgyzstan's Facebook page and on the agency's website.

According to Belyaninov, one needs to be prepared that communication between people in the world will be online to a large degree.

“We need to create a single technological platform for such communication as soon as possible. It is important that it be protected from external influences so that no one can stop it. This must be done quickly, otherwise the quality of our communication will decrease day after day”, - said Secretary General of the Assembly.

Belyaninov also answered the question about the single EAEU currency.

“The crypto currency was foretold a quick death, but it lives, it is quoted and has recently experienced a peak. It will develop, whether we like it or not. Why is it interesting for Kyrgyzstan? You have a lot of gold, take care of these bowels. With a serious rating, it can be a kind of Bretton Woods agreement.” - he said.

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