Partner of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly - the Tunisian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will support Projects to Popularize the Russian Language

17/11/2023 14:35

On November 16, the first Russian educational exhibition “Education in Russia for Tunisia 2023” opened in Tunisia.

On the first day, the event was attended by more than 500 people, among whom were lyceum students and Russian studies students, representatives of the Tunisian Association of Graduates of Soviet Universities and Russian language teachers, members of the Russian Heritage Association and high school students at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Tunisia, as well as young compatriots with parents. 17 leading Russian universities from 15 regions of Russia presented their opportunities to everyone interested in Russian education in Tunisia.

President of the Tunisian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, people's diplomat Khristina Romanenko, speaking at the opening of the educational exhibition, noted the growing trend towards learning the Russian language and the demand for obtaining Russian government quotas for studying at Russian universities.

“At the Second Summit and the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum, very important documents were adopted - a Declaration and Action Plan for the partnership for 2023-2026. In this regard, the topic of international and interregional cooperation in the new geopolitical situation is highlighted separately. This plan began to work, active cooperation between Russia and African countries in the education began, and open education centers began to open everywhere on the African continent. Tunisia was no exception. Just a few days ago, a delegation of teachers from the Evseviev Mordovian State Pedagogical University conducted a series of face-to-face classes, master classes and intensive courses in the Tunisian Republic, held within the project “Center for Open Education and Russian Language Teaching in Tunisia,” said Khristina Romanenko.

A member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly confirmed that the Tunisian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is ready to support and promote joint projects aimed at popularizing the Russian language in Tunisia as a language of intercultural and business communication, promoting interuniversity cooperation in student exchange, improving the qualifications of teaching staff and supporting talented youth.

The growing interest in Russian education in Tunisia is due to the fact that this country is the only one on the African continent where Russian has the status of an official language of additional education in general education institutions, and the Russian language itself has been officially taught in universities since 1976.