Online Session "Family and Family Values - Bridges of Cooperation and Consolidation of the Peoples of Eurasia" | May 14, 2021

29/04/2021 12:21

May 4, 2021



Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

National Public Committee "Russian Family"

International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities

The purpose of the forum is the international exchange of experience in preserving family values and traditions as a factor in overcoming disunity and consolidation of the peoples of Eurasia; preparing recommendations for their preservation and development in the Eurasian space; drawing attention to family issues, marriage and raising children, and to new forms of humanitarian cooperation at the present stage in family policy of the peoples of Eurasia.

Prospects for the future world can no longer be decided by separate civil and legal institutions. They require the involvement of cultural figures, science, art, broad strata of the world community interested in strengthening the basic spiritual and moral values of states, societies in strengthening the family as a cementing foundation for the future of Eurasian civilization. The formation of a sustainable, proactive, humanitarian community is a planetary necessity and a guarantee of the further development of mankind, the preservation of national values and family traditions of each nation. The culture of family traditions, based on the spiritual and moral component as the basis of every civilization, guarantees its development, the self-identity of each national state, and acts as the guarantee of the stability of international relations. The preservation of sovereignty, the stability of states in the global world largely depends on the preservation and development of their family traditional culture, family traditional way of life. Positive living conditions are a consequence of the spiritual culture of society. The basis of which is the family. It is the Commonwealth of Peoples on the basis of cultural and spiritual family traditions that can become a new evolutionary form of self-organization of the Eurasian community.

Issues to be discussed

  • Family and family values of the peoples of Eurasia: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Social security of the family in the context of global transformations and challenges of the modern world.
  • The role of family traditions, cultural and spiritual values in achieving sustainable development goals.
  • The culture of family relations and the future of the Eurasian civilization.

The online session "Family and family values - bridges of cooperation and consolidation of the peoples of Eurasia" will be broadcast live in the official account of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly on Facebook -

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