Nadezhda Babkina: “Create Something so that Your Descendants will say about You: “What Great Ancestors we have!”

29/03/2024 15:49

The new issue of the magazine “Aggregator of Happiness” with Russian folk singer Nadezhda Babkina on the cover is already on its way to its readers.

People's Artist of Russia, founder and artistic director of the Russian Song Theater, political and public figure was pleased to receive several issues of the world's first anti-stress media of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

The authors of the Aggregator of Happiness magazine interviewed Nadezhda Babkina about her personal secrets of happiness and harmony with herself.

“We are nothing without spectators. When I see the spellbound, inspired faces of the audience in the hall, I understand that I do not live in vain! At such moments, you want to act even more, create, sing, give joy, despite fatigue and personal troubles,” Nadezhda Georgievna shared.

One of the most profound moments of the interview was the reflection on what inspires the artist to choose a repertoire of songs and stage concert performances. Nadezhda Babkina spoke about the secret - the roots of the land where she lives and its traditions inspire:

“The folk genre itself inspires. It reminds us whose land we are from, who our ancestors are. And you secretly feel joy and pride in being a representative of this land, this country. For what your relatives have created everything around you. So, you create something so that your descendants will say about you: “What great ancestors we have! And now, in our time, we must correspond to this level!” That's what the folk genre is all about.”

The People's Artist of Russia revealed many secrets in her interview with the Aggregator of Happiness magazine - from external and internal beauty and optimism to the secret of feeling happiness:

“The main secret is not to think about passport data. What are passport details? These are just numbers. Once you think about them, then the end will come...
...Every day you live is an incredibly expensive gift of fate. And you need to look at every day as a small life, and not put everything off for later. After all, there may not be “later”. Once you realize this, every day will be happy.”

Nadezhda Georgievna conveyed a special wish to the readers of the magazine “Aggregator of Happiness”:

“Mentally, always be at home, be friends with each other. Life is very short. It’s better to do more joyful and positive things than to be sad and lament about what hasn’t come true.”

The new issue of the anti-stress media of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, in addition to an interview with the People's Artist, contains interesting articles where you can find a lot of useful information that will help you become happier!

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