#Myway: Alexander from Turkey, Anna from Austria - Public Diplomacy in Reality

26/03/2020 13:11

The Eurasian Youth Assembly has launched an online project "My Way". Everyone shares their success stories on Instagram using hashtags #мойпуть #myway #eurasiaassembly.

The first videos appeared showed that education is a priority for young people. However, the heroes of our time do not get education for the sake of a diploma and a degree. These are tools for finding their own way in life and achieving success. Education, science, work, and social activities, including those carried out online, are real public diplomacy in real biographies.

Alexander Babayev from Turkey was the first to shoot the video. He spoke about himself and international projects that he is engaged in as a member of the Coordinating Council of the Eurasian Youth Assembly, Chairman of the "The Capital" society, Executive Secretary and Head of the Committee on physical culture and sports of the Coordination Council of Russian compatriots ' organizations in Turkey.

The #myway challenge was picked up by Anna Hartman from Austria, a student at the University of Vienna. She works as a translator for a law firm. Anna spoke about her choice of education and an online project where she shares her own experience of solving problems related to education.

The online project "My Way" of the Eurasian Youth Assembly is gaining momentum. We are waiting for your videos and success stories so that young people in different countries can see them.

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