International Project “Winter Tales”: Bilingual Children from 17 Countries Read Stories in Russian

09/04/2024 13:12

The fourth season of the fabulous and large-scale international project “Winter Tales. Let's read together." Its participants are children, their parents, families and teachers from Russia, India, Portugal, Germany, Korea, Egypt, Ireland, and Slovakia.

The project is a part of the humanitarian project of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly “Eurasia Kids. Ambassadors of Peace." International cultural and educational project “Winter Tales. Let’s read together" is for children from 7 to 11 years old with the knowledge of the Russian language. All meetings are led by representatives of Russian compatriots living abroad. Participants in the humanitarian project of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly “EURASIA KIDS” also joined the “Winter Tales. Let's read together."

In the event “Winter Tales. Let’s read together” was attended by 7,000 people from 27 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and 17 countries. Every year the project has a final product of the meetings. In the first season there were audiobooks, the children themselves wrote, voiced, and illustrated them. In the second season, media books were released. In the third, an art gallery was created. This year, participants worked with neural network tools.

One of the wonderful unique cultural and educational projects in the Eurasian space was created by the ANO "World of Enlightenment", which is headed by a teachers from Rostov-on-Don - Svetlana and Alexander Usenko.

According to the head of the project “Eurasia Kids. Ambassadors of Peace" - President of the Udmurt regional public organization "Center for Support of Creative Initiatives Zhuraveynik+", head of the ANO "EURASIA KIDS" Olga Chirkova, what, promoting good ideas in the world of childhood, the Rostov colleagues do, is very consonant with the ideas and values of "EURASDIA KIDS":

“It is important for us to instill in children the idea that the values and traditions of any nation are based on the most important thing - love and respect. All this starts in the family. And when we find like-minded people in the regions, of course, we begin cooperation.”

The humanitarian project “EURASIA KIDS” has been implemented since 2018. It includes information and cultural exchange between children of Russia and Eurasian countries. The project is aimed at the social and creative development of children, expanding opportunities for their self-realization in the future, intensifying public diplomacy based on the development of network connections and personal contacts between children, establishing peace and mutual understanding as the main principles of communication.