International Project "Angels of Peace": the Tactile Exhibition "Hear - See a Picture" has been opened

09/11/2023 17:06

On November 4, 2023, an inclusive exhibition of unique tactile paintings “Hear - See Picture” of the International Art Project “Angels of Peace” opened in Library 227 of the North-Western District of Moscow. The project was organized with the support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and brings together artists from different countries and continents to create international exhibitions, art objects, competitions, festivals, and creative programs. The main image of all the paintings is the image of the Guardian Angel and higher powers helping people move forward, for Creation, Love, preserving Peace on Earth, as well as spiritual and physical recovery.

Tactile paintings are printed on flock, due to the texture of the material you can touch the paintings, they give an incredible feeling of warmth. These are literally “Angels You Can Touch.” Most of the paintings are equipped with typhological comments - laconic descriptions of objects, space or actions for people who are visually impaired or have completely lost their sight. Thanks to the work of commentators, such people can “watch” ballet, evaluate the performances of actors in films and get acquainted with works of art. Tiphlocomments are also useful for people with good vision. They help to draw attention to color nuances, not the largest details of the picture. When describing, the commentator pays special attention to details, colors and plot. 28 paintings of the International art project “Angels of Peace” were described by audio commentator Anna Vildanova, voiced by project director Natalya Yatsenko and presented in an inclusive exhibition.

The International art project “Angels of Peace” has been implemented since April 2014 at various venues in Russia and abroad with the support of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly. Since 2022, thanks to the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the “Hear - See a Picture” project has been implemented as an inclusive (including people with disabilities in full-fledged public life).

The key task of the project is to create a unique art object - a kind of “Calendar of the Angels of the World” using 365 paintings (according to the number of days in the year), painted by artists from different countries and continents,. The images of Guardian Angels have helped many people to pass through the most difficult stages of life with dignity. This project unites people from all over the world, bringing the strongest light energies of Goodness, Love, Gratitude, Inspiration, Unity to the audience and its participants.

Among the authors presented at the exhibition in the Moscow library are artists from Armenia, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Croatia.