International Economic Forum of CIS Countries | March 18, 2022

17/03/2022 11:28

On March 18, 2022, the International Economic Forum of the CIS countries (IEF CIS) will be held.

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Anastasia Pavlova, member of the General Council of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, author and Head of the International Integration Public Program “CIS + WORLD”, spoke with the organizer of the CIS IEF 2022, the new General Director of the Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS (BC CIS) Vadim Ganin.

“Today the world has come close to the moment of radical increase in the need for energy” (Vadim Ganin).

- Dear Vadim Valeryevich, the Business Center traditionally holds the International Economic Forum of the CIS countries every year. What will the forum be dedicated to in 2022?

- The CIS IEF theme in 2022 is the "Green agenda in the CIS countries: cooperation in development". Today, the world has come close to the moment of a radical increase in the demand for energy, an increase in its cost and an increase in environmental damage, what in the future will become a serious constraint on economic prosperity. The hydrocarbon energy transition has greatly accelerated the development of new energy-saving technologies, technologies related to new energetics, and increases investment in related developments. There is an active discussion between the governments and businesses of the CIS member states of economic incentives that help attract investment in innovation and technological change, taking into account modern environmental requirements. This is what we will be discussing on March 18 at the CIS IEF. We invite everyone to the forum.

- At the end of 2021, you became the CEO of the Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS. Please accept our congratulations. How do you see the development of the CIS Business Center in the near future?

- Thanks for the congratulation. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all colleagues for the credit of trust. The accumulated long-term experience and authority of the CIS Business Center allows us to look to the future with optimism. We respect all the accumulated experience. At the same time, we understand that today's time will require new useful formats of cooperation. The CIS BC deals with the formation of these formats. At present, a new structure of the CIS BC is being formed. The number of profile committees is increasing. In addition to the long-standing committees on tourism, digitalization, and sports, the Committee on Mechanical Engineering, the Committee on Transport and Logistics, the Committee on Energy, the Committee on Subsoil Use, the Committee on Energy, and the Committee on Urban Infrastructure Development have begun their work.

- Does the increase in the number of committees indicate the expansion of the professional horizons of the CIS Business Center?

- Yes it is. The professional horizons of the Business Center will increase. We want to create the most useful structure for effective cooperation in the CIS space. Our goal is to create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation between the CIS countries in all spheres of the economy.

- The CIS + WORLD program, which has been cooperating with the CIS BC since 2018, sets as its main task the expansion of the geography of integrated cooperation between the CIS countries and other countries of the world, especially, the countries of Greater Eurasia. Representatives from more than 150 countries of the world participated in numerous events organized by us. Over the past time, the area of ​​ our interest has included numerous spheres, including health improvement, education, science, technology, ecology, cultural heritage, the entire palette of tourism communications, including historical, tropical, gold tourism and many others. How do you see the development of cooperation between the CIS + WORLD program in the new development agenda of the CIS BC?

- A lot of work has been done. Taking this opportunity, I would like to address all participants and partners of CIS+WORLD program and assure them that successful cooperation will continue. The CIS + WORLD program is an effective and relevant project that can bring great benefits to the international cooperation of the CIS countries. The CIS BC supports the initiative of the program on organizing and holding the International Integration Public Award "CIS + WORLD".

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The Association Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS (CIS BC) is a non-profit structure that unites the most authoritative business representatives of the CIS countries. The Association was established on the basis of the decision of the Council of Heads of State of June 21, 2000 and the Economic Council of the CIS of June 28, 2002. The main initiator and founder was the CIS Executive Committee in 2002. The CIS BC Association provides assistance to the business community, interacts with the CIS bodies and officials of the CIS countries in order to promote projects in the Commonwealth.