International Day of Peace. Congratulations by Andrey Belianinov, Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly

21/09/2023 11:58


Dear friends!

The International Day of Peace, established by the UN General Assembly, is celebrated annually on September 21. The true and fundamental wealth of all humanity is Peaceful Life! There is no greater happiness than living under a peaceful sky.

The world around us is changing rapidly beneath our eyes. Old models of interpersonal and international relations, diplomatic ties that previously created stability, today no longer meet the requirements and challenges of our time. In these difficult times, we need to further strengthen our understanding of the conscious interdependence of countries and peoples.

Peace and happiness are impossible for a single individual or a people, a single country or a continent. Only together we can build a safe and happy future. It is only together through conscious action that humanity can help itself, by establishing a world of spiritual unity, a world of civil harmony, a world of economic cooperation, a world of inter-ethnic good-neighborliness, a world of interfaith respect.

Our planet Earth is beautiful and filled with Life - our greatest happiness - the opportunity to live and comprehend the world. It is this happiness - Life - that we should cherish most of all, doing together everything possible, and sometimes impossible, to make our children, grandchildren, relatives and all people on our planet happy.

On the International Day of Peace there is a wonderful worldwide tradition - large and small Peace Bells ring in many parts of our planet. Let the ringing of bells today symbolize our common desire for goodness and peace.

I wish everyone creative interaction, friendship and harmony to build a common peaceful future.


Andrey Yurievich Belyaninov
Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly