International Conference in Kazakhstan: Spiritual Harmony as a Direction for Finding Important Solutions

24/10/2023 13:07

An international conference dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Harmony was held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Representatives of different faiths, peacekeeping movements, public organizations, scientists and cultural figures who are concerned about the problems of spirituality and human existence gathered on a single platform.

October 18 is a traditional date when citizens of Kazakhstan gather to discuss issues related to spirituality and harmony in the world. The date of the large-scale event goes back to 1992, when the first World Congress for Spiritual Harmony was held in Almaty. The Congress adopted a manifesto calling for the establishment of a Day of Spiritual Harmony as a symbol of concord, proclaiming the primacy of spirituality over all other aspects of human life. Since then, October 18 has become a traditional date in Kazakhstan, which is intended to remind us of the importance of respect, understanding and cooperation between different cultures and religions.

“Spiritual harmony is the basis of peace and unity in modern society” - this is the title of this year’s conference determined as a reflection of the global agenda and the importance of finding solutions.

The event was attended by Deputy Akim of Astana Eset Baiken; public figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov; as well as leaders of religious associations and delegates from Russia, India, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Germany, Lebanon, Switzerland.

The conference was launched by Tolegen Mukhamedjanov, the author of the idea of the Day of Spiritual Harmony, Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly:

“Today we have gathered in the capital of our country, an international symbol of peace and harmony, to celebrate the Day of Spiritual Harmony. This day reminds us of the importance of dialogue, understanding and unity among different cultures and faiths. He calls us to build peace and justice based on respect and cooperation.”

The speaker noted that for more than three decades, spiritual harmony in Kazakhstan has become an important factor in the formation of a peaceful and multicultural society. This movement promoted ideas of dialogue, mutual understanding and respect for diversity. It had a significant impact on strengthening social stability and harmony in the republic:

“It is important to understand that spiritual harmony is a process that requires efforts on the part of each religious association and each individual citizen. We can all make the world a better place if we work together. We need to actively work to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between different communities. This includes education, dialogue and sharing of experiences.”

We see today how the world faces many challenges and conflicts related to religious and ethnic differences. However, consent and tolerance give us the strength to face these challenges.

When we talk about spiritual harmony, these are not just empty words. This is a principle that lies at the very heart of the Kazakh nation and culture. Our country has always been a place where different cultures and religions coexist in harmony, enriching each other. This experience of our people is an example of living in peace respecting and accepting diversity.”

It is worth noting that the origins of the organization of the First Congress of Spiritual Harmony in 1992 were also: Valentin Sidorov, the first president of the International Association “Peace through Culture”, members of the Presidium of the Congress Wilhelm Augustat, Gunthild Lier, Rostislav Rybakov, members of the Presidium of the International Association “Peace through Culture” Eduard Balashov, Yuri Ageshin and other public figures whose initiatives formed the basis for the establishment of the Council on Spiritual Culture of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Andrei Belianinov addressed the participants of the international conference in Astana with a welcoming speech: “Every time we talk about the Day of Spiritual Harmony, we think about how to expand the scope of this forum. There is a proposal to declare a Day of Spiritual Harmony throughout the world. Our planet deserves it,” said the Secretary-General.