International Charitable Contest of Painting and Graphics "Faces of the Angels of the World" named after an Artist Yulia Ivanova | February 01 – April 25, 2022

10/03/2022 11:45

At the initiative of the organizers, the conditions for participation in the “Angels of Peace” project have changed since March 2022:

  • participation for all became free;
  • the deadline for accepting works has been extended until April 25, 2022;
  • you can send up to three works from one author;
  • paintings should be painted in 2022.

All this is aimed at ensuring that more artists have the opportunity to join the project, so that more light paintings can be painted here and now. It is important! Creative people can harmonize the space through their work, let there be more Light, Love, Gratitude and Unity in the world.

Briefly about the project

Now modern art very successfully solves the problem of conveying the “pains” of society, the problems of our everyday life, but conveying creative, spiritual themes in the actual artistic language, giving the viewer inspiration, aesthetic pleasure, the brightest emotions is a more difficult task. To create such images and be able to professionally embody it on canvas or paper is very valuable!

The annual contest "Images of the Angels of Peace" tells about talented artists, about their works devoted to the theme of Angels, giving the audience Light and Love. The project is not tied to any particular religion, it is open to everyone. All works admitted to participation will be published on the project website and in the electronic catalog of the contest (it is possible to issue a printed version of the catalog). The best works will be made in the form of reproductions, shown at several offline exhibitions and then transferred to cancer centers in Russia. All participants receive diplomas of the international contest, the winners will also receive special prizes from partners.

Competition deadlines

Deadline for registration of works: February 1 to April 25, 2022.

Announcement of winners: May 31, 2022.

Offline exhibitions: June-November 2022.

Handover of posters to hospitals: December 2022.

Competitive areas:

Painting / Graphics (unique, printed and digital)

Competitive nominations:

Angels and children / Religious subjects / Angels are always there/ Faces of Angels / Angels and temples


Artists over 18 years of age from any country in the world.

  • Professionals (artists with specialized education)
  • Amateurs (courses of painting and graphics, self-education)
  • Students of specialized educational institutions

Participation format:

Online participation (correspondence), free of charge.

Terms of participation:

The number of works from one participant is no more than three.

Applications are sent to the organizing committee electronically.

The photo of the painting must be in good quality (from 2 to 6 MB, resolution 300 dpi, jpg format). There is no need to send original paintings to the Organizing Committee.

The works must be created in 2022.


International art project "Angels of Peace".

Curators: Natalia Yatsenko and Oleg Rovda

Mob. tel. (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram) +7 913 532 34 16 – Oleg Rovda,, @likiangels

Why the competition named after Yulia Ivanova

In 2021, the famous Siberian artist, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, ideologist of the International Art Project "Angels of Peace" Yulia Ivanova passed away, leaving the world more than 1200 paintings. Many beautiful images of Angels were born under her brush. It will be great if more attention is paid to the topic of "angelic" painting and graphics, since this is a special miracle - the "birth of an Angel", not every artist can do this. Join us now!