Hospitality Laboratory - a Step to New Victories

21/03/2021 18:00

We tell about the projects of the participants of the Eurasian Youth Assembly.

March 19 to March 21, the participants of the All-Russian Hospitality Laboratory, together with the best experts in social design, tourism, hospitality and national politics, had a chance to turn their ideas into real projects.

“At workshops, lectures and foresight sessions, tourism specialists, activists of international and cultural non-profit organizations from 12 regions of Russia - from Tatarstan to Yamal - worked out various scenarios and clarified risks. Everyone had the opportunity to discuss their projects for the development of national hospitality, both jointly and individually with experts,” - said the organizer Dina Gromaticopolo, Chairman of the All-Russian public movement of the Youth Assembly of the Peoples of Russia “WE ARE RUSSIANS” and Co-Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Eurasian Youth Assembly.

Participants’ projects will be implemented by July 2021. Projects’ names speak for themselves: Ecosystem for the popularization of gastronomic tourism “Globus of the Ural Taste” (Yekaterinburg), Ethno-complex “Ozanai” (Yoshkar-Ola), Student cultural and educational festival of the North Caucasus Federal District “Ethno village: Twinning Route” (Stavropol), tourist walking route on the iconic places of the city of Omsk “The City Speaks” and others.

It is interesting that the All-Russian Hospitality Laboratory held on March 19 - 21 took place at the territory of Vili Uley - glamping that creates the usual comfort in the very heart of the wilderness.

The project supported by of the Presidential Grants Foundation was implemented as part of the project “Peculiarities of National Hospitality”.

Official website: Official hashtag: #national hospitality

Contacts:; the Chairman - Gromaticopolo Dina, tel. + 7-977-547-53-15; project manager Ponomarenko Nadezhda, tel. +79534155072

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