Gala Reception on the occasion of the International Day of Peace | 09/21/2021

20/09/2021 16:09

On September 21, 2021, GlavUpDK Cultural Center at the Russian Foreign Ministry will host a Gala Reception to mark the celebration of the International Day of Peace, approved by the UN.

Prominent public and scientific figures, representatives of international organizations: UN, UNESCO, FAO, SCO, representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry and diplomatic missions of foreign States in the Russian Federation are invited to participate in the Reception.

The Program includes:

  • presentation of the Token of Public Appreciation “We say “THANK YOU” to prominent figures and leaders of international public diplomacy for their significant contribution to the development of integration processes and peacemaking, expansion of cultural, humanitarian, scientific, educational and economic cooperation, interethnic and interreligious dialogue;
  • a cultural program with the participation of the finalists of the International Arts Festival "PEACE SONG";
  • Gala dinner.

In addition, a number of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly projects, dedicated to the International Day of Peace will be presented:

  • the Memorial Complex of Gratitude to the ancestors in Novosibirsk in order to perpetuate the tradition of paying gratitude to previous generations for their faith and contribution to the Bright Future, who today enable descendants, relying on the achievements of their predecessors, to live in the Bright Present - in peace and harmony;
  • an exhibition of works of modern domestic cosmism "ART-Interkosmos XXI century" by recognized masters of different generations;
  • flash mob "Youth for Peace!"

For reference

The UN General Assembly established the International Day of Peace in 1981. In 2001, the General Assembly decided, starting in 2002, to celebrate this day annually on 21 September. The solemn date has been declared a day of renunciation of violence and a ceasefire, a day of strengthening the ideals of peace among all countries and peoples.

Additional information about the action "We say "THANK YOU" can be found on the official page of the website of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

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