First Lectures of the Eurasian School of Poetry take place in Kyrgyzstan

14/09/2023 10:23

As part of the project “Eurasian School of Poetry named after Valery Bryusov", Kyrgyzstan hosts the first lectures of the poet, translator, literary critic, literary historian, member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Mikhail Sinelnikov.

The Eurasian School of Poetry of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly started in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. On September 11, the head of the school, Mikhail Sinelnikov, a famous poet, translator, literary critic, member of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, gave two lectures.

The first meeting with teachers and students of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University was devoted to the oriental theme in Russian literature. During the lecture, the participants immersed themselves in the oriental flavor inherent in the works of Russian literature, and got acquainted with the lecturer's own work, who has close ties with Kyrgyzstan.

“In terms of education, Mikhail Sinelnikov held an interesting discourse on the interaction of Russian and Eastern literature, which the students of philology faculties study. The lecture turned out to be useful from an educational and aesthetic point of view - the participants listened to poems beautifully performed by the famous poet. Mikhail Isaakovich’s speech impressed the students extremely positively, they actively participated in the discussion of the stated topic,” - noted the head of the Department of History and Theory of Literature of KRSU, Professor Bakhtiyar Koychuev.

On the same day, the literary evening “Kyrgyzstan in Russian poetry and Kyrgyz poetry in Russian translations” took place at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Bishkek.

The listeners also benefited from masterfully translated Kyrgyz epics, starting with the great “Manas”, and the works of the great akyns of the past, and poems by the best lyricists of the new time.

“During the lectures and meetings, they talked not only about Russian oriental poetry and not only, in fact, about Kyrgyzstan, but also about the its poetry (ed. - Kyrgyz) in Russian translations. I would like to note one feature: in most of the former Soviet republics, older people speak Russian, and in Kyrgyzstan, young people too. Russian schools have always prevailed here and the commitment to Russian literature has been preserved,” noted Mikhail Sinelnikov.

On September 13, the literary evening “Kyrgyzstan in Russian poetry and Kyrgyz poetry in Russian translations” was held at Osh State University at the Faculty of Russian Philology.

Lectures within the project “Eurasian School of Poetry named after Valery Bryusov" became part of the "Kyrgyzstan - Russia: common cultural heritage" festival events, which takes place in the republic from September 8 to 16.