The Eurasian Documentary Film Club invites to New Film Screenings

03/04/2024 11:51

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio continue film screenings of films - prize-winners and winners of the International Documentary Film Festival "WON TOGETHER" named after Vladimir Menshov.

April 4, 2024 in the Moscow Library-Reading Room named after. I.S. Turgenev will host the next evening of the Eurasian Documentary Film Club. Traditionally, viewers will see the best Russian and foreign films.

This time the Israeli documentary drama “The Avenger” has been selected for screening. Author - Mikhail Rav-Finkel, director - Alexey Martynov, Israel. The picture reproduces the moments of formation and feat of the hero of Israel Shalom Schwartzbard. On May 25, 1926, the leader of the Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR) Symon Petlyura was shot dead in Paris. The killer - Jewish poet, publicist and anarchist Samuel Schwartzbard - voluntarily surrendered to the police. According to Schwartzbard, he took revenge on the Ukrainian nationalist for the mass pogroms of Jews on the territory of Ukraine during the Civil War in Russia (1918-1922).

The film is a finalist at the XVIII International Film Festival “WON TOGETHER” named after Vladimir Menshov in 2023.

The second film, “The Siege Book of Recipes,” can be called a talented experiment by St. Petersburg director Fyodor Babenko, whose work leaves no one indifferent.
For 11 minutes, the modern viewer will look at his surrounding reality through the eyes of a siege survivor. This will allow you to both preserve the memory of the blockade and look at familiar things with new eyes. Things that are available to us today thanks to the feat of the residents of besieged Leningrad and the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The film is the opening film of the XVIII International Film Festival “WON TOGETHER” named after Vladimir Menshov in 2023.
Film screenings are supported by the Presidential Foundtion for Cultural Initiatives.

The host of the meeting is the director of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, Lina Bogatyr.