Eurasia Peoples Assembly Company organizes a Series of Training Seminars for Digital Transformation Teams

05/04/2024 14:27

The Head of the ANO “Laboratory of Digital Transformation” (LDT), Pavel Basin, held a seminar for departmental managers of digital transformation of Karachay-Cherkessia. The expert shared practical advice on how to correctly formulate tasks and justify the goals set.

The company, founded by the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, conducts a series of such training programs for teams of governments of Russian regions the relevant agreements have been signed with.
LDT participates in the preparation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for the “National Data Economy” project implementation strategy, which must be prepared on behalf of the President of Russia by July 1, 2024 and changes in the state program from 2025.

The goal of the project is to transfer the entire economy, social sphere, and government authorities to new operating principles, introduce data-based management, and reach a new level in logistics, telemedicine, online education, and the provision of public services.

Key points of the seminar:

• Define clear, measurable digital transformation goals. Not just “improve,” but specific KPIs, for example, “reduce application processing time by 25%.”
• Identifying the data sources needed to achieve your goals. What information systems, databases and external sources are needed.
• Drawing up a plan for collecting, processing and analyzing data. How to organize the process of obtaining data, consolidating it and visualizing it.
• Regular monitoring of goal achievement and adjusting tasks if necessary.

Such a systematic approach will greatly increase the efficiency of digital transformation and obtain specific measurable results. A positive effect in the digitalization of public administration will be achieved by creating a data-based management ecosystem, defining a regulatory framework and standards, support measures and technologies in the digital sphere.