EURASIA KIDS Continue the Work on the Journalism of Victory Project

28/04/2020 10:41

The project Journalism of Victory tells EURASIA KIDS about how war correspondents worked during the Great Patriotic war. From the first day of the war, all military districts on all fronts, an every army had editorial offices that issued newspapers. Journalists raised the morale of soldiers and officers. Their work revealed the names of real heroes to the world.

Military journalists were people of different nationalities, but each had a large homeland – the Soviet Union.  Lev Grossman, Konstantin Simonov, Ilya Ehrenburg, Alexander Fadeev. Some essays of military journalists formed the basis of well-known literary works, such as “The Young Guard”, “The Story of a Real Man”.

The participants of the Journalism of Victory project collected unique stories from the life and work of war correspondents. These stories help modern schoolchildren understand how journalistic works were created, how poems and songs were written. In addition, among mentors of the project there are people who know firsthand what a war is. As part of the project, kids have already met with war journalist Alexei Samoletov, paratrooper commander of the Order of Courage Vladimir Kamantsev.