Education, Mentoring, Dialogue between Generations. An Artist-Traveller – Goodwill Ambassador - a Guest of the EYA Lecture Hall

30/09/2020 09:50

On September 21, on the International Day of Peace a meeting took place with the artist-traveller, Goodwill Ambassador Vyacheslav Egorov. The meeting was held as part of the educational project “EYA Lecture Hall” at the headquarters of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly

The artist's life and career are inextricably linked with travel. Vyacheslav Egorov worked on UNESCO World Heritage sites as part of numerous expeditions to different parts of the world: Tibet and the Altiplano, the Gobi and Nazca, the Cordillera and Tien Shan, the Karakum mountains and the Sahara, the Pamirs and the Caucasus, the Far North, the Amazon jungle, and Australia. However, today the artist is more attracted to the continent located in the very South of the Earth - Antarctica. In 2020, Moscow hosted the vernissage of the artist's works named “Polar Series”. On Antarctic landscapes, the southern Kingdom of cold began to play with new colours. The rocky shore is shrouded in a chilling fog, through which the bright green light of the polar sky breaks through. But what is the plain-air in the frosty air of the South geographical Pole, where the temperature in summer can be -45 Celsius!

According to Alexander Egorov, the best way to find your way in painting is practice. On the initiative of the artist, trips to nature or plain-air (from the French En plain-air – “in the open air”) were organized for students of creative schools from the countries of Eurasia. No less important is an open dialogue with the masters of art. “Often the artist's creative handwriting appears only a few years after graduation. You need to participate in competitions, trips to nature, develop skills and look for your own style. At the same time, it is important for professionals in any field to take part in a meeting with young people, schoolchildren, and students. One such meeting can change your life, inspire you to achieve creative goals and give you the strength to go forward despite difficulties,” - says Vyacheslav Egorov. The guest of the meeting of the Eurasian Youth Assembly noted the importance of developing this format of interaction between young people and the expert community in both online and offline formats.

Today, the Eurasian Youth Assembly has become a multi-disciplinary platform for communication between experts and the young generation of Eurasia. The “EYA Lecture Hall” educational project, the DISCOVER EURASIA international creative competition, the Eurasian School of Journalism and other initiatives bring together young talents of the continent, promote the development of interaction between young professionals and their integration into the international community of professionals.

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