The Days of the Eurasian People's Assembly will be held in Ufa on July 3-10

01/04/2021 20:00

On July 3-10, Ufa will host the Days of the Eurasian People's Assembly. During the event the republic will gather international members of the Assembly, experts and journalists. This was announced during a meeting of Margarita Bolycheva, the Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan on Foreign Economic Relations and Congress Activity, with Svetlana Smirnova, the First Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian People's Assembly, and Dmitry Trapeznikov, the Executive Secretary of the Representation of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

"It is a great honor for us to host such a major international event as the Days of the Eurasian People's Assembly in Bashkortostan. Also during this period, the World Folkloriada 2021 will be held. The event will integrate two such bright events into the congress agenda of the republic," Margarita Bolycheva said.

The Days of the Eurasian People's Assembly will consist of a number of business events related to such areas of the organization's activities as business, cross-cultural interaction, youth policy, historical heritage, cooperation within the framework of UNESCO, etc. In addition, these days there will be a meeting of the General Council of the Assembly, as well as a presentation of the "Eurasiada" - the largest Eurasian Games to be held in Ufa in 2025.


The International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations "The Eurasian People's Assembly" was founded on May 27 of 2017 in Moscow to unite the efforts of public associations in the development of global integration processes of the states and peoples of Eurasia. The Eurasian People's Assembly focuses on issues of economic cooperation, priorities in the field of culture, sports, education, and youth policy. The Assembly is composed of representatives from more than 40 countries. In January 2020, the Representative Office of the Eurasian People's Assembly in the Republic of Bashkortostan was established, headed by Andrey Nazarov, the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan. In February 2021, Andrey Nazarov was elected to the post of Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian People's Assembly.