The Date of the V International Restaurant Sports Championship “Saint-Petersburg Open WFRS” has been announced

14/02/2024 10:24

On March 1 - 3, 2024, the V International Restaurant Sports Championship “Saint-Petersburg Open WFRS” named after the first president of the World Restaurant Sports Federation, Alexander Massarsky, will be held in St. Petersburg.

The championship is a stage of the WFRS World Cup series and is organized by the World Federation of Restaurant Sports (WFRS) under the leadership of the chairman of the organizing committee Alexander Perelman and the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations "Eurasian Peoples' Assembly".

The tournament organizing committee has already received preliminary applications for participation in the V International Restaurant Sports Championship from 15 countries of the world and 15 regions of Russia including (St. Petersburg, Chechnya and Mordovia), South Africa, China, India, Jordan, Congo, Burkina Faso, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.

“Saint-Petersburg Open WFRS” is a unique event where guests can not only watch competitions between teams from different countries, but also taste dishes prepared by the best chefs of St. Petersburg restaurants representing various national cuisines.

Championship judges:
- Tamara Sharova, President of the Russian Restaurant Sports Federation (Moscow, Russia);
- Mahmoud Yassin, President of WFRS (Jordan);
- Konstantin Vagu, Vice President of WFRS (St. Petersburg, Russia).
The championship participants are restaurant business professionals: chefs, waiters and sommeliers (bartenders). Each national team consists of three people who must prepare dishes in a limited time, demonstrating to the judges their skills in preparation and serving, as well as selecting drinks.

The championship consists of two stages, during which participants complete competitive tasks to create dishes from the proposed main ingredients. Participants are also allowed to use their own additional ingredients. Six teams qualify for the super final, which are determined by the panel of judges of the World Federation of Restaurant Sports (WFRS).

The event will also include a championship in confectionery art. Masters and aspiring authors will present their works in various categories.
The winners and runners-up of the championship will be awarded on March 3. Champions will receive WFRS cups, winners will receive medals in three categories and WFRS certificates. A rich cultural program and master classes will be organized for championship guests.

On March 1 and 3, guests will enjoy the opening and closing gala concerts of the championship with the participation of pop stars. The closing ceremony includes screening of an episode for the series “Trade Union”.
The championship will be hosted by the popular Russian actor Sergei Murzin.
Among the honorary guests of the championship are film and theater stars Sergei Selin, Sergei Koshonin, Leonid Smunev, Alexander Muravitsky, Vladislav Yurchikevich and others.

The championship will be held in the marble hall of the Kirov Palace of Culture - an architectural monument of St. Petersburg, located on the square between Bolshoi and Sredny avenues of Vasilievsky Island. Address: Bolshoi Avenue of Vasilievsky Island, 83, letter A.

Championship times: March 1, 2 and 3, from 11.00 to 20.00.

Admission to the event is free.

For more information contact:
Mobile tel.: +7 (812) 928 20 50
For reference
Restaurant sport is a type of competition and special preparation for it, based on the traditions of the culinary culture of different peoples and countries. In this game, participants compete in the speed, aesthetics and quality of cooking, as well as in the entertainment of their presentation, having equal conditions for competition.

Restaurant sports combine cooking and show, eating and competition, professionalism and culture. Its rules were developed by the World Federation of Restaurant Sports (WFRS) in 2017. The organizers of the competition strive to popularize restaurant service, improve leisure culture and strengthen interethnic ties.

Championships and tournaments in restaurant sports are not only exciting sporting and cultural events. They also have great social significance: they promote interaction between representatives of the restaurant industry of different countries, unite professional restaurant teams, combine entertainment and education, promote the values of healthy eating, quality service, tolerance and friendship among peoples.

Today, restaurant sport is a world-class discipline, maintaining connections with Russia, and the winner’s cup of a championship or tournament in restaurant sports becomes the restaurant “Oscar”, teams from different parts of the world compete for.