Council of Composers invites to the Festival-Contest “Red Carnation”

17/04/2021 12:42

Dear friends, professional composers, poets, performers of the Eurasian space!

We continue the application campaign for participation in the first round of qualifying rounds of the legendary International Song Festival-Contest of National Patriotic Song “Red Carnation”. In 2018 the Festival was named after the People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation, President of the contest “Red Carnation” I. D. Kobzon.

We thank the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, personally the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation O. Lyubimova and the Russian Culture Foundation for active support this year after the inaction due to the pandemic.

Today, the jury started to consider applications. The jury is headed by the People's Artist of the Russian Federation, laureate of the Union State Prize, Chairman of the Song Commission of the Moscow Union of Composers, composer Oleg Borisovich Ivanov. Members of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation, its regional branches, popular songwriters, members of the Council of Composers and Musical Figures of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, young talented composers and performers continue to actively participate in the work of the jury.

Accepting applications will end on May 25, 2021 at 23:59 (Moscow time), when all regional hearings will identify applicants for participation in the first final round. It will be held July 6 -11 in Crimea, in the hero-city of Kerch.

The official program of the tour will be attended by our colleagues, professional songwriters from different regions of Russia and the CIS countries, such as Ingushetia, the Chechen Republic, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Armenia, as well as the countries of Eurasia, if the epidemiological situation allows.

A series of concerts and creative meetings of composers will take place: a concert dedicated to I.D. Kobzon, a concert of music by composer Oleg Molchan, a concert of Belarusian performers, a music show for children and youth. Traditionally, “Red Carnation” festival gathers friends: performers - laureates of past years, a concert of modern young performers “Fulfil a Dream”, a song show “Voice of the East”. Colleagues from the North Caucasus Federal District and the countries of the East will present a concert “Russia in the Heart” and concerts of Russian instrumental music - jazz and music in films.

We invite potential participants and guests of the Festival-Contest “Red Carnation” to participate and visit the contest and festival events.

“Today, the media does not always offer the viewer's attention the material that should be, in pursuit of hype, thinking only about momentary commercial benefits, not working for a long-term, including ideological result. The prospect of this kind of material is rather illusory ... But nevertheless, realizing that forgetting the national foundations, erasing from history the great path that Soviet, Russian song culture traveled in the twentieth century, we inflict irreparable damage on future generations who risk remaining in the dark and ignorance of a huge layer of the national musical heritage that survived terrible cataclysms, wars, tragedies in the history of our and other peoples, allowing us today to be who we are - a proud, independent, strong society, a victorious nation,” - says the Head of the “Red Carnation” project named after I. D. Kobzon, Honorary Art Worker of the City of Moscow, Chairman of the Council of Composers and Musical Figures of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, member of the Composers' Union of the Russian Federation, Board member of the Composers' Guild of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, composer, producer Andrei Baturin.

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