Contest “Cultural Heritage of My Country” | Entries are accepted until April 01, 2022

14/03/2022 17:36

The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, together with the International Union “Heirs of Victory”, the “Give Good to the World” Charitable Foundation and the Center for Creative Initiatives “Zhuraveynik +”, announced the launch of the international contest “Cultural Heritage of My Country” among young and older people.

The contest is aimed at uniting people from different countries through culture and art and popularizing ethnic traditions and moral culture of the peoples of the world.

In order to take part in the contest, it is necessary to publish a photo, drawing or essay on the page of your personal Instagram account using the hashtags # #КультурноеНаследиеМоейСтраны, #eurasiaassembly, #БлагоДариМиру, #Центрподдержкитворческихинициатив, #Журавейник+, #НаследникиПобеды and leave a link to the Assembly's profile in the signature peoples of Eurasia - @eurasiaassembly.

The participant is given a choice of one of the topics of the contest:

  • Cultural code of happiness;
  • Letters of happiness;
  • The peoples of my country;
  • Traditions of my country;
  • Art in my country.

Entries must contain the following information:

  • author's title of the work;
  • description of the object depicted in the photograph/drawing or described in the essay;
  • a short history of the creation of the drawing/photo/composition;
  • full name and date of birth of the participant, city, country of residence of the participant;
  • full name of the head, name of the educational institution (if any).

In each of the five topics, laureates are determined in three age categories:

  • 7 to 14 age group;
  • 15 to 22 age group;
  • 23 to 35 age group.

The entries are accepted in Russian and English until April 1, 2022. The winners will be awarded diplomas. The rest of the participants will receive certificates. The award ceremony will take place in May this year.


Contest Regulations (PDF)

Application form (PDF)