Chairman of the Council of Composers and Musical Figures spoke with Students about Patriotism and the Place of Music in it

23/10/2020 20:11

On October 21, Andrey Baturin, Chairman of the Council of Composers and Musical Figures of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, a film composer held a master class as part of the “Motherland in the Heart” Media Festival.

The conversation was about patriotism, about the role of music in the life of society, where the concept of patriotic or spirit - based music came from. It began a long time ago in the army, in the form of individual conscription instruments and sounds, various orchestras and ensembles. Nowadays, it is quite developed. A very precise definition was made: music is the tuning fork of the military man's soul. And this is true; earlier future officers were taught to play the piano at the military school.

There was a live dialogue with students about Soviet and modern music, songs from movies. The guys could name a lot of songs from the Soviet cinema and only one or two from the modern one. “Modern songs do not linger in the memory. They are ephemeral,” - said one of the students.

They also said that patriotism is a very capacious concept. This is love, pride, faith, and simple Russian birches, the small homeland where we were born and raised.

Andrey Baturin quoted composer Tikhon Khrennikov who said that Russia is a country of sadness, a country of minor. Yesenin's poems are also patriotism, as well as Vysotsky's songs, which were remembered by the audience. They also remembered the names of Shostakovich and Alexandrov, the songs “Siniy Platochek” (Blue Scarf) and “From heroes of past times” and many others.

The guys actively answered questions and asked themselves. During the master class, an interesting discussion took place about the place of music in movies and theatre productions. The composer told how music is born in a movie, what secrets of the craft are hidden in the work of a composer, how a musical theme can affect the drama, make the film brighter and more interesting.