The Best Films of the International Festival “VICTORIOUS TOGETHER” are on TV

05/05/2020 11:33

May 5, 2020 Sevastopol TV channel STV starts to show the best films of the Sevastopol International Festival of Documentaries and TV programs “VICTORIOUS TOGETHER”.

This film marathon includes more than 50 documentaries from Russia, China, and Sweden that have won prizes at the festival over the years. The screening of each film begins with a video message from the author or Director to the audience.

The program includes bright films about heroism and the will to win, documentaries that have won prizes at the festival in different years. 

The first film to screening is “Crimean Partisan Vitya Korobkov” directed by Lyudmila Kubareva from a documentary series dedicated to the pioneers-heroes, young participants of the Great Patriotic War. Young pioneer Vitya Korobkov dreamed of becoming an artist. But fate decreed otherwise: during the Great Patriotic War, Vitya became a scout for the Eastern Association of partisans of the Crimea.

Documentary “Brothers in Arms. In the Name of Common Victory” directed by Oleg Strom is a journey to the distant past of the war years. After 73 years, 90-year-old Vladimir Kuts, together with the film crew, repeated his unique combat path. A prisoner in a labor camp near Stuttgart, in 1945 he was released by American soldiers and became the son of a regiment.

The documentary “Lelya” directed by Boris Sarakhatunov tells about a little-known page of the Great Patriotic War – about the military unit 9903, which formed groups of girls who raided the enemy's rear in 1941-1942.The film tells about such group and its commander, the Hero of the Soviet Union Elena Kolesova.

A titanic work was carried out when creating the documentary series “Equal to the Greatest Battles” which consists of four episodes. It was produced by the Directors of the Yekaterinburg film Studio “Sneg”  Georgy Negashev, Pavel Fattakhutdinov, and Andrey Titov. The series presents the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 in an aspect unfamiliar to the modern generation. Evacuation of the population, industry and scientific institutions began from the first days of the Great Patriotic War. This unprecedented in scale and boldness defense operation, which Marshal Zhukov equated with the greatest battles of World War II, nullified all calculations of Hitler’s strategies, ensuring victory to a much greater extent than is commonly believed.  

The documentary film “The Forgotten Battle of Cape Sarych” directed by Grigory Ilugdin is dedicated to one of the glorious pages of Russian military history – the feat of Russian sailors off the coast of the Crimea in the autumn of 1914 and the victory at Cape Sarych over the superior forces of the German fleet.

The film “Kim and Klara” directed by Boris Sarakhatunov tells the story of a young generation whom fate prepared the hardest ordeals during the Great Patriotic War - the most terrible and cruel in the history of mankind. Boys and girls of the 30s-40s generation managed to withstand the challengers and win despite everything.

We start to show films of the Festival in the Year of memory and glory, and we dedicate it to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The project is implemented using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society, provided by the presidential grants Fund.