“Autumn Angel” from Belarus has joined the Collection of the International Project “Angels of Peace”

18/01/2024 17:25

Today, another painting on the theme “Guardian Angel” - “Autumn Angel” - arrived at the headquarters of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly from Belarus. It is part of the unique collection “Angels of Peace”. This is an international project, which is organized by Krasnoyarsk artists and supported by the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and unites painters from 26 countries. The project includes international exhibitions, competitions, festivals, and creative programs. Since April 2014, more than 366 paintings on the theme “Guardian Angel” have been collected. It is planned to assemble a unique art object - a single picture-calendar 92 meters long and 4 meters high which will unite all paintings. The main image of all the paintings is the image of the Guardian Angel and higher powers helping people move forward, for Creation, Love, preserving Peace on Earth, as well as spiritual and physical recovery.

The author of the “Autumn Angel” that will join the collection is Yulia Nedzved from Belarus. The painting is done in oil on canvas.

“The beauty of nature, the bright colors of autumn, the rustle of leaves inspired the writing of “Autumn Angel.” Each season has its own divine beauty and uniqueness, its own mission and purpose. In nature, everything is harmonious and holistic; it has its own cyclicity and order. The angel seems to manifest and protect the beauty of this moment with its warmth,” - the artist said about her work.

In the future calendar, the work will become an image of October 17th.

Let us remind you that an exhibition is currently being held at the Moscow House of Nationalities, where 50 original paintings from the “Angels of Peace” project are exhibited. Since 2014, they have been in Europe, where several exhibitions have been organized, including with the participation of European artists involved in the project. In 2020, a large exhibition tour was planned in 10 countries (Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia) and a large exhibition of 75 paintings in Berlin. However, due to the pandemic, the tour did not take place, and the paintings were stored in a warehouse in Prague until October 2023.

Thanks the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, it was possible to return the paintings to Russia in order to be able to continue organizing exhibitions of the International Art Project “Angels of Peace” in the regions and countries of Eurasia.

The exhibition “Angels of Peace” at the Moscow House of Nationalities will be open until January 31, 2024.