Artek: "Artek" joined the International Action "Garden of Peace"

25/04/2021 20:00

On April 25, the day of the meeting of Soviet and American troops on the Elbe in 1945, pupils of the Artek School planted 38 laurel trees on the Alley of Artek Heroes. Thus, schoolchildren made a contribution to the fight against climate change, expressed concern for the preservation of historical memory and the environment.

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, together with partners, launched the International Action "Garden of Peace". Its goal is to unite humanity for the sake of peace and sustainable development of the planet. The motto of the action is “Save the world - Plant a tree - Save the planet”.

Pupils of the Artek School were among the first to support the noble mission, including ecovolunteers of the “Do!” Artek pupils chose laurel for the Action - “the tree of winners”. Two-year-old saplings grown in the local greenhouse adorned one of the main memorable places of the International Children's Centre - the Alley of Artek Heroes.

Addressing the participants of the Action, the teacher of the Artek School, the head of the environmental direction "Do!" Pavel Panchenko noted: “Today we have planted trees in memory of the heroes of Artek. We support an important cause - preserving the memory of the heroic and tragic events of our Motherland - and express our concern for the environment."

The children dedicated their alley not only to the heroes of Artek, but also to their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers who defended the world from fascism.

“My mother’s grandfather - my great-grandfather fought during that war. We can say that I plant this laurel in his honour! It is very important to preserve memory. Without looking back at the past, it will be difficult to build the right future. And it’s also a very pleasant feeling when you ennoble nature and leave something beautiful after yourself, ”says Sergei Shugaley.

“Our eco-squad is a part of the eco-volunteer organization “Do! ”. We hold subbotniks, arrange eco-lessons. Today's Action is also a part of our activity. We are glad to show that we value the memory of the heroic past of our country. We are proud that we ourselves can leave a mark on history, ” - said Maria Zlygosteva.

“This is my first time planting a tree! I want it to grow strong and beautiful. Let those who walk along this alley have a good mood. I wish everyone never to forget about the heroic deeds of the Artek heroes,” - Zlata Klimenko shared.

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