ANO “Laboratory of Digital Transformation” and the Department of Information Technologies and Digital Development of Ugra prepare to implement the national project “Data Economy”

16/02/2024 13:48

On February 15, ANO the Laboratory of Digital Transformation, established by the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, together with the Department of Information Technologies and Digital Development of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra organized a training seminar on data-based management.

The listeners were those responsible for digital transformation in the executive bodies and local governments of Ugra, which also included representatives of municipalities.

The ongoing training is part of the preparation of Russian entities for the transition to the implementation of the national project "Data Economy", which the Russian President has instructed the Ministry of Digital Economy to develop by July 2024. Let us remind that this national project will start in Russia in 2025 and is aimed at developing the economy based on data generated in digital systems - both business and government. It will make it possible to make cross-industry decisions affecting a number of areas at once.

Director of the ANO “Laboratory of Digital Transformation” Pavel Basin presented approaches to building an ecosystem of a “national data economy” in a question-and-answer format. Then the participants determined areas of work, carried out practical work in teams and presented their projects.

“Today, leaders of digital transformation of industry departments were practicing methods for working with data: how to correctly set a task on the basis of which it is necessary to make management decisions or ensure planning; where and what data is needed to ensure that the indicators are met,” - noted Pavel Basin.

The result of the work was the preparation of performance indicators in key areas of socio-economic development of Ugra.

According to Pavel Tsiporin, Director of the Department of Information Technologies of Yugra - Deputy Governor of Yugra, the seminar allowed the leaders of the region's digital transformation to immerse themselves in the direction of big data and improve their competences in the field of modern technologies.

Roman Belkin, the Director of the Department of Labor and Employment of the Ugra Population: “The event was very useful - we were able to try a new methodology based on the correct construction of tasks. These are elements of project management and data management. And this is also a cross-functional story of interaction with your colleagues. It is clear that many controversial topics were touched upon. But there are also solutions that can be tried in real life.”

The participants of the seminar were awarded certificates of completion of the course from the ANO “Laboratory of Digital Transformation” and the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia.

As part of the event, an agreement was signed between the Department of Information Technology of Ugra and the ANO “Laboratory of Digital Transformation” on information exchange regarding the use of data to identify efficiency calculations in various industries, as well as on interaction in the development and implementation of a technological project to create automated models.