Andrey Belianinov: Interaction within the Union State is a Living Example of Eurasian Socio-Economic Integration

28/09/2023 18:34

Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Andrei Belianinov sent greetings to the organizers and participants of the XII Forum of Twin Cities of Belarus and Russia, which opened today in Brest and will be held for three days.

The main theme of the Forum is “Twin Cities Movement: New Facets of Relevance in the Conditions of Intensifying Interregional Belarusian-Russian Cooperation.”

At the same time, the XII Forum includes a meeting of young people – representatives of twin cities. The theme of the youth meeting is “Youth of Belarus and Russia: preservation of basic values and creative interaction for the sake of the future.”

“Close friendly ties between the two countries, cooperation in the political, economic and cultural fields have a solid foundation. They are built on a common history, on the mutual interest of the Russian and Belarusian peoples in each other. Twin cities have always played a major role in strengthening good neighborly relations between the two states. The partnership of twin cities is an integral part of Russian-Belarusian cooperation,” - Andrei Belianinov noted in his greeting.

The Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly also emphasized that activities to support twinning relations between cities make a real contribution to solving regional and national problems, establishing industrial relations, and developing trade and entrepreneurship.

“Interaction within the Union State represents invaluable experience and is a living example of Eurasian socio-economic integration, an example for the establishment of new international platforms for dialogue,” - the greeting says.

Andrei Belianinov especially noted that the forum participants are “people for whom it is not a question of who is willing or able to take on the public works of addressing the issues that arise in the partnership process." As a result, long-term connections emerge that are of great importance for achieving mutual understanding, complemented by concrete experience and vivid emotions.

“This is real people’s diplomacy!” noted the Secretary General. He wished everyone meaningful and useful dialogue, good luck and success, peace and prosperity!