Andrei Belianinov commented on the Progress of Restoration of the Damaged High Relief in Honor of the Victory Parade on 24 June 1945

22/12/2023 14:25

Today, restoration work began on the high relief dedicated to the Victory Parade on June 24, 1945. It was installed this fall in a historical place in Moscow on Manezhnaya Square in honor of the Day of Military Glory - “September 3 - Day of Victory over militaristic Japan and the end of World War II (1945)” - on the initiative of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly and the Russian Union of Veterans.

At the solemn opening ceremony of the high relief on September 3 of this year, the Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Andrei Belianinov noted that the high relief serves to preserve the memory of the feat of our ancestors and will help to realize the true meaning of the Victory Parade. And just ten days ago, an act of vandalism was committed over the sign of historical memory.

Today the leader of the Assembly commented on the situation:

“They violated the high relief - the head of Rokossovsky’s horse was sawed off. It was emotional, vulnerable for our author Vladimir Surovtsev, for all of us. This can no longer be allowed to happen. It's outrageous. In the center of Moscow, near Red Square, this kind of act of vandalism should not be repeated. We managed to organize restoration work in a very short time - less than a month passed. And under the author’s supervision, work is now underway to restore the high relief, its original appearance, and we hope that there will be no noticeable traces, everything will be as it was originally.”