3 festivals, 1 venue | 24-28.06.2021

21/06/2021 18:10

In the UK, the homeland of Shakespeare, from June 24 to 28 will be held 3 festivals at once: IX Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum, V Romford Film Festival and III ECG Film Festival.

Literature and film industry will unite - literary text through the optics of the film production. The collaboration of these 2 areas implies the exchange of experience, the organization of retrospectives, common interests and the achievement of common goals.

The popularity of the literature of modern authors of the countries of the Eurasian region does not fade away, but on the contrary, it brightly illuminates the literary firmament, and also every year unites and enjoys more and more recognition among readers. The OEBF International Literary Festival and Competition, which has been held annually since 2012, is proof of this.

The OEBF and ECG Film Festival are a unique platform and the opportunity for authors and directors from all over the world to tell about their works, meet new people, also exchange their experiences and find like-minded people to implement joint projects.

The festivals are going to be attended by artists from different countries, such as Israel, Scotland, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Moldova, Belarus and Russia. The festivals will include presentations of the authors, film screenings, photo exhibitions, round tables and Zoom conferences.

The main venue: Premiere Cinemas, Mercury Shopping Center, Mercury Gardens, Romford RM1 3EE

The culmination of the event is the awards ceremony, which will take place on June 28th. The winners of the IX Open Eurasia competition and the III ECG film festival will be announced as a part of the event.

The presentation of a medal from the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in the nomination "For the best literary work dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory" also has to be noted here.

The organizing committee would like to remind that the acceptance of applications for the X Literary Competition "Open Eurasia" is already open. The winner will be given the opportunity to publish his/her book and present it at the XI OEBF festival.

For more information please visit the website at: https://www.awardslondon.com/rules2021/