Project name: International Cultural and Humanitarian Project "PEACE SONG»

Director of project: Yulia Andreeva-musician, composer, singer, theater and film actress, Head of the Cultural and Educational Center of Eurasian peoples.

Venue: Internet space, countries of the world

Format: off-line and on-line formats

Project implementation time: annually from the 1-st of the March.

Festival goals:

  1. Drawing the attention of the world community to common human values and solving global problems on their basis.
  2.  Education of the young generation of a careful attitude to the planet and to human life.
  3.  The unification of peoples on the basis of mutual respect, friendship and cooperation.
  4.  Protection of peace on Earth.

Project content

During the difficult period of the pandemic for all mankind, when people began to think more about the true values of life, a "PEACE SONG",  was written and dedicated to our planet, ecosystem, peace and love between peoples. The song is addressed to all people, as to the children of the one Mother Earth.

This cultural and humanitarian project involves representatives of different countries, peoples, religions and bases on the 3 important dates:

March 20 – the Earth Day, timed to coincide with the Spring equinox, and has a peacemaking and humanistic orientation.

April 22 is the International Mother Earth Day, established by the UN General Assembly in 2009. The term "Mother Earth" is generally accepted in many countries, it reflects the natural relationship between the planet, its ecosystems and humans.

Everybody may take participation in the International flash-mob or International Art festival “THE PEACE SONG”


  1. Preparation of International flash-mob “THE PEACE SONG” (20.03- 20.04)
  2. Presentation of flash-mob “PEACE SONG” to the world community through the internet space (22.04.)
  3. Accepting applications for participation in the international festival "The Peace Song" (30.04.-30.08.)
  4. Holding the International Art festival «The Peace Song» (21.09.)

We invite everyone, who cares about the future of our planet and all humanity to take participation in our project.

Instruction for the participation in International Flash-mob:

  1. Download lyrics and music of the song.
  2. Record your performance of this song (any video format, horizontally)
  3. Send Your video to the organizing committee of the project (

The “PEACE SONG” in English (PDF)

“PEACE SONG” Minus one phonogram

“PEACE SONG” in Russian (PDF)

Regulations on the Festival (PDF)

Application for participation (DOC)

Project organizer: Eurasian Peoples` Assembly

Contact: +7 (916) 845-09-28

Hashtags: #peacesong #песнямира


International flash-mob “THE PEACE SONG 2021”

International Art Festival“THE PEACE SONG 2021”

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