Winners of the International Contest "Poetry of the Angels of the World"

08/11/2021 23:32

On October 15 the V.P. Astafiev Literary Museum (Russia, Krasnoyarsk) hosted  a poetry reading dedicated to the conclusion of the Third International Contest "Poetry of the Angels of the World", held in 2021 as part of the International Art Project "Angels of the World" supported by the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

More than 150 authors from Russia, Portugal, India, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, LPR, Canada, DPR, Kazakhstan, USA and Mongolia submitted 310 poems to the contest. Among the participants in the Contest there are members of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

Works by 80 authors were chosen for the contest. And the jury determined 19 winners of the Contest in the "Poetic Skill" nomination:

First Class Winners:

  • No. 3095 Alexander Kosterev "Dandelion" (Russia, St. Petersburg)
  • № 3103 Efim Gammer "Comprehension of Love" (Israel, Jerusalem)
  • № 3110 Liana Romanova “Stop! Breathe in! " (Russia, Yekaterinburg)

Second Class Winners:

  • No. 3006 Olesya Belchikova "Wings of Childhood" (DPR, Donetsk)
  • No. 3128 Mikhail Kulkov "Earth pitcher" (Russia, St. Petersburg)
  • No. 3160 Dmitry Burakov "Lullaby A" (Russia, Moscow)
  • No. 3210 Tatiana Stoyanova "Snow Angel" (Russia, Moscow)
  • № 3306 Galina Shcherbova "Meeting in the Snowfall" (Russia, Moscow)


  • No. 3022 Svetlana Shonokhova "Angel Michael" (Russia, Tobolsk)
  • No. 3033 Anastasia Pavlova (Russia, Moscow)
  • No. 3054 Galina Bulatova "Christmas" (Russia, Kazan)
  • No. 3069 Julia Vysotskaya " Guardian Angel of St. Petersburg" (Russia, Murino)
  • № 3121 Galina Tarasik "Do you want happiness?" (Ukraine, Ternovka)
  • No. 3125 Svetlana Dotz "Angel, I'm sorry" (Russia, Novoshakhtinsk)
  • № 3187 Irina Alymova "If you see me" (Russia, Zelenograd)
  • No. 3197 Konstantin Stafievsky "Polina's Winter Dream" (Russia, Kemerovo)
  • No. 3217 Konstantin Toveskin "We are there ..." (Russia, Omsk)
  • No. 3281 Anastasia Kokoeva "Guardians of the Winged" (Russia, Lytkarino)

Special diploma "Angels of Peace for Children" (poetry for children):

No. 3172 Natalya Checker "Christmas Tale" (LPR, Lugansk)

The works of the Contest finalists can be read on the project website:

The "Angels of the World" art project brings together artists from different countries and continents to create an international exhibition consisting of 365 paintings (according to the number of days in a year) dedicated to the image of the Guardian Angel and higher powers that help people in their movement forward for Creation, Love, preservation of Peace on Earth, as well as recovery, spiritual and physical.

The poems of the Contest winners will become part of the permanent exhibition of the "Angels of the World" art project and will be presented at exhibition venues in various regions and countries.

Currently, a collection of poems by the winners of the Third International Contest "Poetry of the Angels of the World - 2021" is being prepared for publication.