URA.RU: Chelyabinsk Governor's wife has gone to India. Video

22/03/2023 20:00

The wife of Chelyabinsk Governor Irina Teksler went to India to present children's drawings at the international contest "The World Draws Happiness". The Chelyabinsk schoolchildren's drawings were presented by the wife of the region's governor on social media.

"I am in India at the exhibition "The world draws happiness". The exhibition unites peoples. I have brought drawings of children from Chelyabinsk region. It's important that the exhibition will be presented around the world", said Teksler in a video on her page in the social network VKontakte.

The governor's wife noted that pictures of children from Chelyabinsk region took one of the central places at the exhibition. She expressed gratitude to the teachers of the drawing’s exhibition participants for the children's creativity.

The exhibition "The world draws happiness" is a part of the Assembly Days in India. It features children's drawings on the theme of happiness from around the world. After the opening of the exhibition, there was a teleconference communication between schoolchildren India, France, Armenia, Buryatia, Israel, Belarus and Chelyabinsk.