Tsargrad: Irina Texler brings Happiness to India from Chelyabinsk Children

22/03/2023 20:30

The governor's wife recorded a post-it notes and showed her favorite painting, drawn by a South Ural schoolchild.

Irina Teksler presented pictures by South Ural children on the theme of happiness in India. Then the exposition will go to Syria and further all over the world.

- Even it is a pity that these pictures most likely will not come back to us. So beautiful! - says Irina Teksler, the head of the 2020 Foundation and wife of the governor of Chelyabinsk Region, taking a picture of the exhibition on her mobile phone.

She showed her favorite work. It depicts a family gathered around a table in a garden near a summer house. Or perhaps it's the village of the grandparents, where the younger generation has come to visit. The warmth and comfort of simple life, nature, the bright colors of summer - that's happiness!

The Eurasia People's Assembly Days are taking place in India from 20 to 25 March. Among the events is an exhibition of children’s drawings at the Centre for Culture and Science. There are drawings from all over the world, including from Russia and the Chelyabinsk Region.

- Children from different countries draw happiness. The language of the drawing is clear to everyone: family, sun, friends, favorite places, pets, friendship, love.

After the opening of the exhibition, we held a teleconference with India, Armenia, Buryatia, Israel, Belarus and France. Schoolchildren from different countries were able to communicate online," said Irina Teksler on her VKontakte page.