"Sunflower" 2022 - International Festival of Family Media Creativity

02/03/2022 20:34

“And they lived happily ever after” - this is the theme of the 2022 “Sunflower” International Festival of Family Media Creativity, which will take place in September 2022. It is planned that the festival will be held in a hybrid (online/offline) format.

The festival became family-friendly in 2021. Prior to that, it united only young journalists. For 16 years, the festival has gathered children from different countries. Its guests were representatives of Gambia, India, Finland, Hungary, USA, China, Syria. Each year the festival is dedicated to one theme. This year the festival participants will talk about fairy tales and family traditions.

The festival starts on June 1, International Children's Day. One of the key events will be an online lesson on family values. It is planned that the results of the festival will be summed up in September at the in-person stage of the forum.

Recall that in 2018 the delegation of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly became a guest of the festival. Then the participants of the festival took the initiative to create a humanitarian project "EURASIA KIDS". The Assembly supported this idea. The "EURASIA KIDS" project today unites children in different countries and has its own media mentors who help children learn about the life of children and adults in different countries.

Kirill Chirkov

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